Work, rest and… then work some more


The above is a photo of my desk at the end of a tender.

For those who don’t know, a tender is like a quote, but a little more detailed. Our tenders are quite extensive, they say who we are, what we do, what we will do for you and how much it will cost, who will do what bit and how those people will do it, and how good we are at doing it and how well we’ve done it in the past. The resulting 400 page document gets given to the client, who then hopefully gives us the job.

Well, that’s the simplified version. If you have ever wanted to be incredibly bored, try reading this….
The four bottom copies had to be printed on cheap paper just so they were thin enough to fit in the binders correctly!

Anyway, the point of this whinge is that it is an excuse. ┬áThis is the reason I have not been shooting lately, that I have not been processing lately and that I haven’t even been reading other peoples blogs.

I work in engineering, surveying and construction, I have worked all over Australia, in some very remote places and some very crowded places. I took this job because it meant I would be home most nights, spend less time working in the North West and I would get to learn some new skills. ┬áHaving come from sites where working 90hrs+ a week is normal, I thought I was prepared for the onslaught of working in an engineering office preparing tenders and other documentation. Little did I know….

Next week marks 1/3 of the way through my contract, but hopefully it marks the beginning of some more reasonable working hours. It is so incredibly frustrating driving past great photo ops everyday and not having the time or energy to stop and shoot. I don’t even put my camera in the car at the moment, there is no point.

I just can’t wait for a few days of shooting sunrises, harassing some birds and swearing at my new printer.


Project Delays

Project Delays

I’ve not been shooting much lately. I’m not even taking my camera to work these days. No more stops on the drive up the hill to shoot a sunset.
Work is taking up all of my time. Once this week is over, I will have time again, time to shoot.

In other news, I finally bought a decent printer. An Epson R3000. I’m no pro when it comes to printing, but it’s a nice thing to learn and since our nearest quality printer is 45mins away, it’s an investment into self-sufficiency.

Taking The Time

Taking The Time

One of the biggest problems I have with my photography is getting the time to do it.
Every day I see things I would love to shoot and I don’t get the chance to stop.
So last night, I made time. I stopped several times on the drive home, going up our large hill.
This photo is from the second stop. You can just see the haze from the dust I kicked up driving here.

I actually had the intention of shooting for HDR. However, my skills at getting a natural looking HDR image are lacking, so this is taken from one image, processed in LR3 to have this look. Shooting with a D700 means loads of dynamic range to play with. This shot was my 0EV, I shot as low and high as +-3EV in 1EV steps.

Sunday Markets


Country Markets are lots of fun. People love to chat, ask questions and comment on the photos.

Our focus at markets is more meeting people and getting our name out there, rather than making sales. Sales are nice though!

Today was challenging, the wind was up and my products were going every where. Everything is covered in dust and pollen. On the bright side, the bright mild weather had everyone out and cheery and that’s good for sales.

The other bonus with markets is the sausage sizzle. Gotta love a snag in bread!

Windows 95, reign of stars

Windows 95, reign of stars

I had some spare time last night, or more that there was nothing watchable on tv, so I decided to try my hand at some astro-photography.
The Milky Way is almost directly over head of our house and we are blessed with very little light pollution.
What I am not blessed with is a wide angle lens not afflicted with lens creep.
The image here is the result of the lens zooming in, caused by the weight of the front element pushing itself down.
Well, not the intended shot, but it is pretty cool and loads more interesting than what I would have got otherwise.