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My professional photographic efforts can found at http://brokentoyshop.zenfolio.com/

My more casual or behind the scenes stuff can be found at http://www.flickr.com/photos/brokentoyshop/


7 thoughts on “About

      • He is a very smart horse, so he is a challenge. Calais loves to test every boundary and find out what the limits are.
        He has come a long way since we got him. He went from being a shy, nervous and submissive horse to being paddock boss.

        He is loads of fun, but more suited to being ridden by an experienced rider with good balance. That’s not me!

      • What continent are you on again?!?
        He isn’t psycho, I’ve seen psycho horses in action and I can’t say I am jealous or that I could do anything with one. I have to admire people who can tough it out with a damaged horse and get them back on solid ground.
        Calais comes from a racing background, so when we got him, all he had was a nice personality, puppy dog eyes and the ability to go really fast (but only for a brief period, he was a rubbish race horse). All of the nervous and bad habits had been allowed to develop, aslong as they don’t interfere with him running, they don’t matter.

        Why was your horse crazy? My partner is interested in the spanish warmbloods, she is the proper horse nut of us two.

      • I’m in the U.S. My girl was ‘bridle lame’ meaning that she was forced to perform under dressage conditions. She also came from a tiny barn to mine with 60+ horses. She thought the boys were out to get her. I spent years working with her to not be scared of the world around you and not to be a raving lunatic. It does take an infinite amount of patience to rehab a horse.

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