(a)Typical Autumn Photos

I had a little spare time on the drive to work today, so I used it to take some photos. It feels like a month since I last picked up my camera (it’s been 6 days).

Ive been wanting to shoot the above shot for some time, but it seems that every year I am away in the few weeks that it takes for the leaves to turn from green to brown and then to dropping on the ground.

I’ve always hated taking typical photos. Not that they don’t look good, I just feel I’m not trying hard enough to be creative.

I stopped a second time to shoot a kestrel, which flew away the moment I got out of the car. I did shoot the below scene tho, it just seemed wrong for this time of year, but then again, it’s  probably wrong to shoot landscapes with a 400mm lens, so whatever.



2 thoughts on “(a)Typical Autumn Photos

  1. Lovely, but sorry about your kestrel — yesterday on my hike in the ‘Glades, I was staring at the ground for snakes (I had just nearly stepped on 3), and came right up on a lovely hawk. Startled her, and missed it all 🙂

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