Bells Rapids

Bell Pano

We spent part of our weekend in the Swan Valley. Most people think of the Swan Valley for it’s wine, chocolate and tourist traps.

I’ve spent very little time in the Swan Valley before and the vast majority of that time was in the air, the flight paths from Karratha, Barrow Island, Port Hedland and the rest all pass direclty over the Swan Valley. Prior to Saturday, I had often looked down at the above scene and wondered where it was exactly, how to get there and if it was open to the public. On Saturday, as I drove into the car park for this area, I still had no idea that where I was was where I had often wondered about, I was pretty distracted with other things.
So, you can imagine my surprise when I figured it out!


I had a short wander up the valley, not stopping until I found some actual rapids. Shooting scenery in the middle of the day isn’t ideal, but as with anything, the challenges are what  makes  it interesting.


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